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Retargeting - you meet customers always twice

Retargeting is a special targeting mechanism collecting user profile information from your own web sites to be used as scoring data on advertisements on foreign publisher's web sites. The marketing campaign tries to identify already known visitors and then send them a second marketing message.

Look on the same target from different views:

Better conversion, more leads, more sales
With retargeting you get in contact to users who visited your pages already. If they cancelled their session slightly before the order, they are impressible for marketing messages which match their products from the basket.

Increase the range of the campaign
You can increase your marketing coverage, if you send additional marketing messages on third party web pages. And of course they work much better, if the users know your website and your content already.

Retargeting campaigns lead to more sophisticated knowledge about the users, so your marketing messages can be optimized to be more precise and therefor successful.