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targetSuite - Targeting

Content is everything - detect automatically what it's all about!

contentDetection detects content and context of web pages and provides knowledge to select and create optimized advertisements.

mindUp contentDetection is a module and a service for extraction and classification of web page content. It's based on maschine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to classify a web page within a topology and extracts relevant keywords and text parts, which are important for the identified subject.

contentDetection is a self learning system and is able to dynamically change its behavior to reflect on changes.

Feature list contentDetection:

  • Highly parallelized crawling of web pages
  • Subject detection and keyword identification
  • Knowledge extraction with machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Detection of frames, sessions, redirections, languages, and many more
  • Language independent: German, French, English, Chinese, ... and many more
  • Contextual advertising
  • Detection of brand conflicts or damage to one's image
  • Contextual content
  • Personalized paid search
  • Personalized advertisements


Live Beispiel ad banner about topic "MP3-Player"