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localDetection - Geo-Targeting

Country, city, region

Local context - localDetection uses geo context to influence and optimize advertisements with local content - a real conversion booster.

The module localDetection of mindUp's targetSuite provides intelligent combination of local information and is able to influence advertisements of the bannerServer with the knowledge of local data.

localDetection features:

  • Optimized geo context based on multiple data sources ( IP location, user imput, feedback loop)
  • Multiple levels for local context: Country, state, region, city, area, street ...
  • Combination of local near by places and regions possible (any spatial combinations possible)
  • High IP location quality because of combination and optimization of multiple IP location databases
  • Controlling the bannerServer in combination with other targeting mechanisms like contentDetection or retargeting

In some topic domains localDetection's leverage on conversion and click rate is unbeatable. For example tickets, real estates, dating and every kind of product delivery.