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Data Scientists and Customer Understanding

mindUp is a team of data scientists, software developers and IT professionals, who create individual solutions based on standard components and in house analytics directly in contact to the customer.
Historically the timeline shows a wide variety of products and projects in the last two decades. It's clear, that this would be true for the future, too.

More details about our projects and customers can be found at the references page.

Until now ... ready to challenge innovation

The prediction failed for that. mindUp is using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence since two decades. They call it a trend today, but it was the practical business for years. Nowadays mindUp's customers can benefit from our experiences as data scientists and specialists for complex data solutions.

2018: Deep Learning / Fraud Detection

mindUp strengthens its engagement in AI projects and specializes, among other things, in deep learning as a technique for research-related assignments. mindUp coordinates a BMBF-funded research project for the detection of fake shops within the framework of fraud detection.

2016: Datenbutler API

An new REST-API becomes available for portal. It extends system integration of data processing features into live web applications.

2015: online shop

First release of online shop for ready to use packaged data assets.

2014: Data Provider

mindUp offers new service as data provider. Special standardized data assets are available for selection without any crawler setup.

2009-2013: targetSuite 2.0

Requirements on controlling features of product banner server did increase every year, so mindUp developed further modules for topics like geo targeting, local detection, retargeting, statistics, big data and a targetSuite back office portal for customer's self service.

2008: targetSuite, Product Banner Server

Roll-out of new Online Marketing toolbox targetSuite, which combines already existing analytical technologies and crawler systems with a dynamic banner ad server. Each advertisement is assembled on-the-fly with single modular elements reflecting actual marketing strategy or live results from context analysis.

2006: Product Classification and Online Marketing

The decision which products should be used for an advertisement and how to format the presentation is not only difficult, it's essential for online marketing campaigns. There exist a pile of parameters influencing the success of a campaign. mindUp uses its analytics to control assembly of online advertisement components live for each ad impression.

2005: Crawler and Content Detection

mindUp developed the module mindUp contentDetection for Ebay Germany, which is based on a high speed crawling system. The scalable web scanner reads the content of the publisher's web pages and performs its analytics to provide results for one of the first context sensitive advertisement Ebay Relevance Ad.

2004: Classification and Extraction

In addition to content detection and understanding technologies the development process released further modules for classification and data extraction.

2001-2003: Free Text Analysis, Data Mining, Web Mining

Project business started with development of free text analysis algorithms to be used by Siemens IC-Mobile department for customer service purposes. The analytical moduls provided fully and half automatic generation of response e-mails on customer requests.

2000: Foundation

In 2000 mindUp Web + Intelligence GmbH was founded at Constance by a team of data scientists and software developers, which have been successfully working together for severeal years.