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Web Mining - Web Usage Analysis

Web mining is the application of the data mining process to the data that can be retrieved on the Internet. Since this is not only the published content of the Web pages, but also the traces of the user behavior, the following two areas are distinguished:

Web Content Mining - extraction of content

In web content mining, the contents of the web pages are analyzed in order to derive new insights from them. One of the main tasks is usually the extraction of structured knowledge from completely unstructured information, since computer-aided evaluations very often require clearly structured information.
The results of web content mining are also used to evaluate the content, the website or the whole structure.

  • Knowledge extraction (e.g. real estate offer, job descriptions, etc.)
  • Structural analysis (structure-content correlations)
  • Segmentation (recognition of previously unknown groupings)
  • Classification (thematic sorting of websites, autocategorization)

Web usage mining - what is user behavior like?

  •  Profile building (recognition of key areas of interest, tagging)
  • Optimization of content (usability, website optimization)

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