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FuckUp Night Friedrichshafen - to learn from defeat can be learned

| Lecture | cyberLAGO

Three entrepreneurs report on mistakes that led to disaster in the initial phase of a start-up or a business idea. They have learned from it and why shouldn't it be at least as interesting and exciting as success stories?

The event, which is ostensibly only about failure, was very well attended with well over 100 listeners. Ralf Walther presented a story of mindUp GmbH, which is about a product idea not working as the developers had imagined. Despite technical innovation, the product was not successfully established due to mistakes in marketing and market observation.   With his lecture he wanted to take the fear of mistakes out of the auditorium and at the same time give hints on what one can learn from it. He pointed out that a different error culture had to be established in companies. "Mistakes may, indeed must, be made in order to develop further. This is a basic principle of learning and what applies to people in such a general way is also effective in companies".