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Interview with Joachim Feist about hacked websites and fake online shops

| Press Review | Fake Online Shops

Issue 6/2019 of Computerbild deals in detail with fake online shops and hacked websites. In an interview, managing director Joachim Feist gives hints on the procedure and intentions of the hackers.

Who are the hackers and what is their target?

This type of hacking is about manipulating websites and luring visitors to a supposedly secure site. Hackers profit from the fact that search engines classify older addresses as serious and display them as preferred.

What do hackers do?

Above all, security gaps and carelessness are gateways for attackers. If you don't update your website platform or use a weak password, you become a target.

How do I recognize an attack?

If you look from time to time at analysis tools that are directly based on the log files, changes should be noticed. If many users come to the site through unexpected search terms, you should take a closer look at your server. If suddenly unknown files are found there, it is possible that hackers have settled down.

Can I help to stop the development?

In an urgent case, going to the police can help. If you want to put a stop to these attacks in general, mindUp offers a research project on behalf of the Ministry of Research, which is about a common and long-term solution. Interested parties are cordially invited to enter the second phase in autumn 2019 or to send us their attacks on their own websites.

Interview: Christian Hensen, Computerbild

Managing director Joachim Feist
Managing director Joachim Feist