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Research & Studies

Digitalization sets an example for us - there are incredible possibilities and thus many degrees of freedom. mindUp develops prototypes for the quick evaluation of your project goal. With a proof-of-concept you as a customer are quickly able to check the technical feasibility in the area of data analysis, machine learning and AI and the effects of the project.

Quickly know, whether Machine Learning (AI) pays off for you!

mindUp has extensive specialized knowledge in the field of data analysis and machine learning, as well as the necessary scientific practice to find new solutions and insights in ways unknown so far.


Proof  of concept
for the use of AI
in your company

Quick prototyping
of data solutions
for live tests

Data Coaching


Preparation of studies
on base of data analytics

Validation of free
available data sources

Presentation of results
via data artist -
reporting, data portal


Lectures, seminars

Project partnership

Knowledge transfer of
research results