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Auto categorization and classification

Automatic classification of web pages

mindUp's analysis solutions can categorize web pages automatically within a topology. Information about category and relevant keywords can be useful for the following tasks:

  • Web page tagging for behavioral and predictive targeting
  • Content analysis of customer's journey
  • Find topic relevant pages for partners
  • etc.

The auto categorization system is adaptive, so the intelligent categorization algorithm can be changed to fulfill exactly customer's needs.
Of course this technique can be used to detect and prevent unwanted content like racism or erotic. This is the base for effective fraud detection and prevention.

Document classification

A web page is only one special type of document and it's obvious that these techniques can be applied on any digital document, which is electronically reachable via the internet.

mindUp uses the modules contentDetection and the high performance crawler system for auto categorization. In this combination the analysis of millions of web pages becomes real. Category information and important keywords (keywords for keyword marketing) can be provided via XML interface or API to subsequent business processes.