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Privacy protection

If you visit our web pages, some data is sent to the web server because of technical reasons. It contains url, referrer url, requested page, size of page, browser type and version, operating system and IP address. This information is stored at the moment of request.
The data does not contain any personal information and it's stored separately from any possible personal data.

The web pages use cookie techniques to ensure further development and maintenance of the web site. If you call our web pages, it is possible that cookies are stored in your local browser cache. Every browser software provides the possibility to constrain or deny cookie data. You can find further details in the manual of your browser software. Please be aware that cookie restrictions can constrain the functionality of our web site.

Personal data
If you order products in our online shop, we will store following data:

    Name and surname
    Company name for business customer
    Address for invoice
    Online shop user name
    Order details, list of products

If you don't use bank transfer as payment method, payment information will be requested and handled by an external payment provider. It depends on the payment method, if those payment services request further data on your bank account or other payment relevant issues.
If you choose an external payment service, e.g. Paypal, you will have to provide additional payment information and therefore this data are covered by privacy rules of the external payment service. You will have to agree with these rules on the service providers' site. It is possible, that external payment providers transfer order relevant data back to us - this data is needed to handle the order process. It's up to you, to delete your account after the purchase process.

Usage and access data
We generate anonymous user profiles for statistics, advertising, market analysis and user centric site optimization of our online services. These profiles will never be linked or aggregated with personal data.

Data transfer to a third party
We will never transfer any data to a third party unless we have to enforce our requirements, we are obligated by law or regulation institutions are requesting it to avoid dangers to public security, or they're prosecuting criminal acts.

Right to information
As a registered user of our online services, you have the right to know about all personal data stored in your profile. In addition to that, you can let us change or delete the stored personal data. You can contact us via contact details which can be found at the imprint.
Deletion cannot be performed on data we need to handle outstanding process steps or data we have to store for an defined time span by law. This data can be locked for further usage.

Version: May 1st 2016

This is a translation of the German version, which is relevant to law.