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Partner / Affiliate Scouting

Affiliate-Scouting - advertiser are finding their best matching publishers directly

Alliances with professional advertising partners is critical for your success.

mindUp uses its content detection and crawler techniques to find contextual best matching web pages. In addition to that, it enriches the data with online marketing activity and coverage measurements. Even if the advertiser is a specialist or it supports a wide variety of topics and products, mindUp can find the best matching partner

mindUp finds best matching partners

You can use our scouting service as controlling mechanism to ensure partner compliance:

  • Changes of topic or context of the partner
  • Wrong embedment, technical or with regards to content
  • Unwanted context to political extremism, racism or erotic content
  • etc.

mindUp provide an own crawling system, which can search and find profile and affiliate search in the web fast and reliable. Even difficult extraction tasks are solved with high quality.