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Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting

Generally speaking Geo-Targeting is a way of addressing people in a personalized manner according to their current location. The message is localized to make it more interesting.

In the internet this can be achieved with different means: If a user is logged into a service and this service knows the address information of this person an added value could be to show a local wheather forecast. The same can be done on mobile phones and in browsers if the user considers the app / service as trustworthy enough to share his / her current location.

In online advertising the IP address is used to estimate the approximat location of a surfer. This indication can be used to communicate nearby shops, advertise tickets of shows or show real estate offers in the vicinity.

Such a personalisation makes an advertisement much more interesting. Sometimes without this personalization it is rather useless. Click-through ratio as well as conversion will increase by a high factor.

However the technique of IP targeting has a varying accurateness. While a surfer sitting in a university building can be identified well other surfers might only be localised in a diameter of 30 kilometres. Surfers that use surfsticks or mobile phones might only be localised down to a country.

Because of that in addition to geolocation information it is always important to adapt the message according to the expected accurateness of the data.

mindUp has a lot of experience in using this data for successful online marketing campaigns and mixing IP targeting with crawling and other techniques.

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