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Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning is subfield of machine learning and this in turn is a part of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Machine learning tries to find rules, patterns or procedures automatically out of existing data.
In a technical domain this might be the challange, to have a lot of sensor input of any engine and to determine whether it is running correctly or not.
A marketing department of an online shop may ask, which are the best complementary products to show togehter with a certain offer?

Characteristical for supervised learning now is, that the used data for learning not only holds independent attriubtes but also some dependent target marks. These target marks are to predict out of the independent ones.
If this is done well, i.e. the mechanism does not just memorize but has found generical rules, it will be able to predict the target marks next time, when it only sees the independent attributes.

Used techniques for supervised learning for example may be neuronal networks or decision trees.

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