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The first cyberFESTSPIELE will take place in Constance on 14 March 2024. They are much more than a traditional conference: they are a unique fusion of learning and understanding, staging and entertainment, interaction and exchange, in which expectations are fulfilled and the unexpected is played with.

The one-day event is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, innovators, creative professionals and digital experts from business, science and administration.

A few programme highlights

Stage Rush:

The stage is the place where ideas meet, new insights are gained and perspectives are discovered.

Flashes of Inspiration:

Enlightening, entertaining and interactive impulses from experts in the fields of New Work, Future Skills and digitalisation.


Because conversations are a powerful tool for expanding knowledge, sharing perspectives, promoting understanding and bringing about change.

Deep Dives:

The Deep Dives enable an intensive exploration of future topics - interactive, practical, playful, even with puppets and a mysterious hacker.


A place for learning and understanding, exchange and networking, where future skills and technologies can be experienced individually and collectively in a playful way at over 20 stations.

Surprising moments:

Surprises trigger increased attention in the brain. And you will experience some at the cyberFESTSPIELEN.

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