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What is AI allowed to do? cyberLAGO Artificial Intelligence Theme Week

| Panel discussion | cyberLAGOAI

"What is Artificial Intelligence allowed to do?" Richard David Precht as a guest in the discussion round at the cyberLAGO Artificial Intelligence Theme Week.

"What is artificial intelligence allowed to do?" was the question asked by the guests of the discussion panel of the same name on the fourth day of the theme week. Richard David Precht, philosopher, publicist and author, Prof. Dr. Michael Berthold, CEO of KNIME AG and Professor at the Chair of Bioinformatics and Data Mining at the University of Konstanz, as well as Dr. Julia König, Founder and Managing Director of Ehrenmüller GmbH, discussed together with Tobias Fauth, Managing Director of cyberLAGO e.V., what the technology should be able and allowed to do in the future - and what not.
Participants were also invited to join the discussion and contribute their questions and comments. AI expert Ralf Walther, managing director of mindUp Web + Intelligence GmbH and board member of cyberLAGO e.V., picked up on these and brought them into the discussion round.