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contentDetection - Contextual Targeting

Intelligent ad server

 Context sensitive


Geo targeting

targetSuite Banner-Server


 Modular banner server

On-the-fly ad assembling

Marketing strategy
Product scoring

Real time optimization

Web Content Crawler
targetSuite Web-Content-Crawler

 High performance
crawler farm

Context sensitive targeting


Knowledge extraction

mindUp targetSuite

The mindUp targetSuite contains several online marketing modules:

contentDetection - Contextual targeting system
Intelligent analysis software to create and influence context sensitive advertising strategy

localDetection - Geo targeting system
Identification of local context of web user (geo context) and of page content

reTargeting - Contact your customer again with retargeting
Send an advertising message to customers, which you had already contacted.

Product banner server
Flexible and adaptive banner generation system for on-the-fly optimized advertisements

Web crawler / spider
High performance crawler system for automatic knowledge extraction and text analysis.