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Advertising media - show your assets!

You can find a pile of ads everywhere -
with targetSuite's banner server, you will have always the successful ones.

Contextual ads on content or on local data do have special requirements:

  • Dependent on page or local context of the user, the system have to select the most successful products out of millions possible candidates.
  • Detect and insert sensitive cross selling products
  • Mix meaningful category and search links into the result ad candidate
  • In comparison to the requirements of standard ad servers the targetSuite's banner server assembles the banner for each single user on-the-fly.

bannerServer features:

  • Banner serving based on live product database
  • Scalable for millions of ad impressions per day
  • Adaptive and dynamically changeable for each banner delivery
  • Standard marketing formats like leaderboard, sky, rectangle, button, etc. Extendable with any custom format
  • Targeting through contextual targeting, geo targeting, retargeting
  • Test case campaigns and automatic click optimization
  • Fraud detection to avoid unwanted traffic