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data scientists for
your data driven world

mindUp automatic data extraction and analysis.

On Demand Data

The Datenbutler database offers a
wide variety of daily updated attributes
from the global source internet.
Ready to enhance your profit!

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  • Datenbutler - Domain Datenbank DACH

    Datenbutler Database

    Daily updated information
    on 20 mio. internet domains

  • Individuelle Datenanfrage - Datenbutler

    Individual Data Search

    What data are you looking for?
    What can we do for you?

  • Datenanalyse

    Data Analytics

    New knowledge for your business
    Data scientists support analytics

Intelligent Online Marketing

The mindUp targetSuite is a toolbox for context sensitive advertisement. Machine Learning and AI are boosting your Online Marketing world.

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  • Online Marketing - Targeting - Ad Server

    mindUp targetSuite

    Online Marketing modules for
    targeting und ad server

  • contentDetection - Contextual Targeting

    mindUp contentDetection

    Automatic adaption through
    context sensitive algorithms

  • Produkt-Banner - Ad-Server - Produkt-Klassifikation

    Product Advertisement

    On the fly assembly of
    product advertisements

Projects and Use Cases

mindUp's well experienced data scientists are practitioners.
They know what to do!
They know if it's worth to do!

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  • Scouting


    We find matching partners
    web shops, companies, publisher

  • Autokategorisierung - Klassifikation

    Auto Classification

    Classification of customers,
    products, web pages, domains

  • Datenprüfung - Data Validation

    Data Validation

    Validation of addresses, company
    details, keywords, advertisements